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Suomi and Vepr Magazine Capacity Limiters
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  1.  Suomi 10/36 Magazine Capacity Limiter

    Suomi 10/36 Magblock

    Limits 36 round Suomi magazines to 10 rounds.

    New design does not replace the difficult to remove lower floor plate but instead rests on top of it.

    The spring can also be epoxied to the block which allows for disassembly and cleaning.

    Easy and simple way to make 10/36 Suomi magazines without damaging your hard to find magazine. 

  2. Vepr Magazine and Magblock

    Vepr 7.62x39 mm 10/30 Magblock

    Vepr 7.62 x 39 mm 10/30 Magblock- for SMG Tactical / Surefire Magazines

    - Converts the Vepr polymer 7.62 x 39 mm 30 round magazine made by SMG Tactical to 10 rounds.

    - This block fits the 30 round  Vepr SMG (Surefire Gun Mags) or Surefire Magazines. (May fit others, but not tested at this time)

    - This block will replace the original magazine locking plate.

    - Also fits the Saiga 30 round 7.62x39 magazines made by SMG. 

  3. Easily installed inside the spring and replaces the original locking plate.

    VEPR .308 Magblock 5, 10, and 15 Round Limiters

    Magblock for Vepr .308 20 Round Magazines.  5, 10 and 15 Round Limiters.

    Fits Vepr .308/7.62x51mm 20 round magazines made by Csspecs>

    - Easy to install in seconds.
    - Replaces the original locking plate.
    - No external magazine modifications.
    - Select 5, 10 or 15 round limiter below. 

    - Tested in Vepr magazines made by Csspecs. May fit other manufacturers with or without modification.
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