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Epoxy Fast Setting

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Product code: Epoxy_DB_RED2

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Quick Overview:

Epoxy Fast Setting

Hardman Double Bubble Pouch (4.0 grams). Will work for a few rifle or up to 5-10 pistol limiters depending on amount used.

- Starts to set in only 3- 5 minutes. Mix small batches if doing a lot of limiters.
- Handling strength: 15-30 minutes.
- Color: white.
- Viscosity: honey.
- Full Strength: 24 hours

4.0 Grams.


This is the same adhesive cement we use in the shop for permanent attachment of blocks to the followers when only a few are needed. It works best on our custom grey limiters and pistol limiters. (Magblock epoxy should be used with all injection molded black limiters). It comes in a "double bubble" pouch and will epoxy about 4 rifle or up to 10 pistol limiters depending on amount used. Features: Work time only 3-5 minutes at 75 F so mix small amounts and work quickly. Handling strength: 15-30 minutes. Color: White/translucent. Viscosity: paste. Full Strength: 24 hours.

If sealing the floor plate of Pmags closed it is best to use a cyanoacrylate glue such as "super glue". Pmags are made of Zytel polymer which is difficult to adhere to. Super glue on the ribs of the floorplate works well. 

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