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We are a product development company which is focused on the manufacture and design of firearm related parts and accessories. We developed the MagblockTM Magazine BlockTM as a way to easily convert standard and high capacity magazines to a lower capacity to help sportsmen, hunters, and other firearms owners more easily comply with regulations and sporting events when magazine capacity may be limited. We offer a full line of 10 and 15 round limiters. 

As many sportsmen know there are multiple reasons to convert a magazine instead of buying lower capacity magazines. Many firearms are designed to use magazines greater than 10 rounds so the size of the magazine is important. A larger magazine ejects more reliably, has greater surface area for better reload control, allows mounting of certain accessories like bullet button tools, and allow the use of more reliable magazines from manufacturers who do not offer lower capacities. Not to mention they just look better. 

We strongly support gun rights and work daily in the fight to support the Second Amendment. 

Magazine Blocks, LLC